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Anxiety is what you feel when you are worried, tense or afraid about something.  It is particularly linked to how you feel about something that could happen in the future.  Anxiety is a combination of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.  It can be related to the Fight or Flight response that all animals and humans experience.  Example symptoms of anxiety are: - Sweating/Hot Flushes; Churning feeling in the stomach; Rumination – thinking a lot about bad experiences, or thinking over a situation again and again and feeling restless.

Anxiety can be caused from a variety of situations, like a childhood experience such as bullying or neglect; or current life situations such as, working long hours, bereavement or stress. 

Dealing with anxiety involves a combination of things, such as reducing caffeine, staying hydrated, good diet, sleep hygiene and coping mechanisms do deal with the triggers.

We help you deal with the symptoms of anxiety but more importantly tackle the root causes of what things are making you feel this way.    Time Line TherapyTM, NLP and Hypnosis look at how you can manage stressful situations in the future, to enable you to start feeling free again! 


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