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I offer you a safe environment to discuss your issues and learn to overcome them.

Following an initial 30-minute consultation, I will use my experience to recommend a solution that will work best for your circumstances.  

I use a few different different techniques, and below is an explanation about each.


This process involves 'hacking' your body, almost as hackers do a computer.

Having the desire to be the best version of ourselves, by including Biohacking techniques into your daily routines allows you to explore ways of energizing and enhancing our mind and body.

It involves making lifestyle and dietary changes as well as things like experimenting with the power of music.

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Improving cognitive functions, like memory, motivation and creativity, through supplements.

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I offer you a FREE 30-minute consultation, which is absolutely no obligation.

We will have a two way exchange to understand your issues to and help me gain an understanding of how my techniques can help you.

I will explain the process of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy and based on my experience offer you a bespoke plan to move forwards. 

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