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NLP Practitioner: Three Certifications 8-Day Training

The American Board of NLP (ABNLP) training is a 'fast track' training and is carefully designed to get you where you need to go fast and with all the knowledge and skills that you need!


Be up and running in just 8 days!

NLP Practitioner and gain 3 certificates: 

  • Practitioner in NLP

  • Practitioner in Hypnotherapy

  • NLP Coach

Pre-requisites for the course = NONE!

We appreciate that people can lead very busy lives and know that you will want to make the most of the time that you have available so, we assist with this by providing you with a Home Study Programme.

  • You will receive home study materials within your package. You can then accommodate this as best fits with your lifestyle, at your own pace.

  • You will then attend a consecutive 8-day face-to-face live training course. This will build upon the home study you have completed and develop your knowledge and understanding further.

  • You will undertake personal development exercises that will benefit you directly and will enable you to apply the content as a practitioner and client. This can then be used further, depending upon your individual goals and outcomes.

  • The course structure enables you to gain support and advice and ask questions to ensure you leave confident in the knowledge you gain in NLP.

  • There is access to post course support, should you wish to utilise it.

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NLP Master Practitioner: Three Certifications 14-Day Training

Take NLP to the next level as a Master Practitioner and gain 3 certificates:

  • Master Practitioner in NLP

  • Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy

  • NLP Master Coach (including breakthrough sessions)

Pre-requisites for the course = Must be qualified to Practitioner level in NLP and Hypnotherapy.

By enrolling upon the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training, you can expect to develop language abilities at an advanced level which can effect change without having to introduce any intervention. Such as, mastering Quantum Linguistics that uses language to induce change in your clients with some amazing results!


You will also commence your journey into Quantum Physics and understand how it applies to everything you do.

You will be able to access this course if you have trained with either Mind Evolution Company Ltd or with another certified NLP Training provider.


This is an intensive, consecutive 14-day course.

Before attending you will also need to have a discussion with us so we can understand your desired goals and outcomes for the course.

You will also undertake and receive a breakthrough day with another participant, which will set you up to be a great coach and enable you offer highly competitive rates.


The breakthrough alone is worth more than the training course!

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