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Having a healthy approach to life equals healthy balance in life.

Your body image is the way you see yourself and how you imagine you look.  Having a positive body image means that you feel comfortable in your body, and you feel good, healthy and confident about the way you look. However, it is common to struggle with body image, particularly when life throws its challenges at you. Severe negative body image can lead to serious eating and exercise disorders.

There is a common theme linking low self esteem with an eating disorder.  It could be that there things are going wrong in life for you and feel you have no control over them.  This could be on a personal or professional level.  As a result a loss of control in one area of life can seap into other areas such as food, health and wellbeing.  Over time you can start to evaluate youself through body weight, shape and self image. 


Being unhappy with the way you look can mean you limit what you do, affect confidence and self esteem and in turn limit what you believe you are capable of.  Negative self talk may start to manifest and you can start to believe the harsh things you tell yourself. For some people this can lead to harmful eating habits that become all consuming. 

If you are looking to change your view of yourself, behaviour and confidence, we will look at what is behind the current beliefs you hold and show you how to move towards a more uplifting, positive and healthy relationship and image with yourself.  

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