inner conflict & change

Battles from within may have always ended in defeat. It no longer has to!

Have you ever heard yourself say "I'm in two minds about that one"?  If that is the case and it happens often it is likely that you want to change a situation but the inner conflict within is preventing you from making that change.   Some people are able to resolve the inner conflict and get on with their lives but for others it can become very problematic. For example, even though you may make a decision to stop smoking, avoid chocolate, cut down on alcohol, improve health, learn something new etc, you are unable to do so. 


Looking at inner conflict from an NLP perspective we start by a client acknowledgeing and understanding that there is a part that wants to stop a behaviour, and a part that wants to continue.  We can overcome these inner conflicts by using NLP processes easily and quickly, and the negative behaviours disappear.


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