learning strategies

Overcoming stress with exams or frustration of learning is simply a matter of strategy!

Any exam situation can be stressful even to the most adept students, whatever their age.  All the hours put in studying for important exams can seem inaccessible under duress.  Why does it sometimes feels as though the harder you try to access knowledge in an examintion situation, the further it is from your grasp?  Yet while learning when relaxed, recalling information is far easier.

The human brain can retain and recall vast amounts of information. However, when adrenaline starts building after struggling with questions, the pressure mounts, and being able to recall knowledge becomes increasingly harder.  A number of things can affect how people cope under exam situations.  Such as: -

  • Anxiety build up prior to exams.

  • Poor exam technique.

  • Difficulty in learning certain subjects.

  • Trying to learn by methods that do not suit your preferred learning strategy.

Once we help you apply the right tools, methodolgy and learning strategy, you will wonder why there was ever an issue.  When you learn how to use these tools they can be applied to a number of different learning scenarios.  

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