limiting beliefs

There would be no man on the moon or 4 minute mile if limiting beliefs had their way!

Do you ever have that little voice saying "I will never be able to do (x) because...", or "I'm not good enough to be a success in (x)".  If this sounds familiar this is likely to be a limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs can be suffocating and can affect people in the following ways: -

  • Lower your aspirations, hopes and dreams. 

  • Spawn patterns of self-sabotage. 

  • Increase procrastination and laziness. 

  • Drain your energy. 

There are a number of ways and reasons we can adopt limiting beliefs, however we are also able to change our beliefs to empower us. Thus changing that story we tell ourselves and the results that we get.  The place to start removing the limiting belief is you.  Once you begin to challenge and stop buying into the belief that you are not good enough, or can’t achieve what you want, positive progress can be made. 

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