Phobias & Fears

If you can control fear, the possibilities are endless!

Phobias are not uncommon and there many out there.  From the obvious fear of spiders (Arachnophobia); snakes (Ophidiophobia); heights (Arcrophobia) and open spaces (Agraphobia) to the more uncommon, mirrors (Catoptrophobia) they can cause mild to major discomfort in you.  Another other major common fear in people is Fear of Failure.  This can be debilitating in helping people achieve their goals and dreams in life. 


Phobias generally originate from childhood but can develop later in life if an event sets off a trigger.  A fear becomes a phobia when you have to change your lifestyle to manage it. A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear or dread aroused by a particular object or circumstance, to the point where it severely restricts your life.

If you have a phobia, you will go to great lengths to avoid an object or situation that most people consider harmless.  A phobia can develop from just one experience.  If the mind can trigger a phobia from only one experience, then the mind can also reduce or remove can the same thing. 


By analysing the strategy that causes the Phobia/Fear to be triggered we can help you develop a solution.  A new strategy can be constructed through techniques like re-framing, root cause analysis and visualisation, they can be quick and easy to learn and be life changing.  

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