Mindset Performance

According to Carol Dweck the author of the "Mindset" The New Psychology of Success.

If a person has a #fixed mindset, they believe abilities are fixed traits and therefore can't be changed. A fixed mindset doesn’t see possibilities and new opportunities, what they have in mind is their present situation that is how they think to continue life. Those with fixed mindsets are more likely to give up in the face of challenging circumstances.

While with a fixed mindset thinks negatively and fear mistakes. On the flip side, those with a #growth mindset are not afraid to do it because they think no failure is permanent and they can easily recover from it. Once they overcome it, they become stronger and better, they continue to persevere while the situation is getting more challenging.

Now, what mindset do you have?

A fixed mindset that doesn’t want to take challenges?

Or a growth mindset that is ready to take the challenges?

Remember you are not born having those two mindsets. The mindset you have now is affected by the #experiences you have in life.

Change mindset if you choose to happen of becoming the best version of yourself!


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