What is NLP and what can it do for you?

The pace, demands and unpredictability of modern-day life mean it can be all too easy to feel overwhelmed or out of control. So how do you put yourself firmly back in the driving seat and ensure that you’re equipped to cope with whatever life throws at you?

Many people are starting to recognise the important role that Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can play in overcoming the self-doubt and fears that erode our confidence and hold us back from fulfilling our true potential.

The origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP was originally created by self-help specialists Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1975. Their intention was to identify how certain individuals demonstrated exemplary communication skills with a view to creating a model of this behaviour that could be taught to others.

They studied Milton Erickson, considered the ‘Godfather of Hypnosis’, Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy and Virginia Satir, who developed Family Therapy. Their findings have all contributed to NLP’s growth alongside several other models of excellence. As a field, it continues to evolve, finding new and extraordinary possibilities and reaching wider audiences across the globe.

How does it work?

It has been said that NLP is an ‘instruction manual for the mind’ and involves actively applying a series of techniques that encourage self-awareness and boost confidence by eradicating feelings of worry and self-doubt.

By implementing NLP knowledge and understanding that you can continually learn more about yourself and the environment in which you live, you can make the necessary changes to achieve better results.

From the models within NLP, a whole host of techniques have been created to enable you to change your thought processes, behaviours and beliefs to achieve a positive mindset for future success.

Could NLP be right for you?

NLP allows us to run strategies or programmes in our minds to achieve the desired results. In place of anxiety, we install compelling, achievable goals.

NLP is a superb aid to help us manage the various negative emotions that are a warning signal from our unconscious minds that we’re focusing on what we don’t want, rather than what we do, including:

· Anxiety

· Worry

· Fear

· Self-doubt

· Depression

· Lack of confidence

· Phobias

Suffering makes no sense, it’s high time to be your best self and get on with your life!

For more information on NLP and how it could help you, visit www.mindevolutioncompany.com or call us for a free, no obligation 30-minute consultation on 0115 8373200.

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