Like most things relationships start with simple steps.

The very basics of relationship advice starts with the simplest steps.  At the heart, there is at first some sort of physical attraction or chemistry between two people.  This typically starts with excitement, possible common interests, romance, caring and commintment.  The most successful relationships are where two people grow together over the course of the relationship.  However, sometimes for whatever reason, one person may grow and change at a different time compared to the other.  This could be down to career development, other interests or something that has had a negative effect.  Sometimes this can create a distance within the relationship and if the gap becomes too big it can break down, get stuck in a rut or simply go through a rocky patch.  It generally leads to excitement, possible common interests, romance, caring and commintment fading away.


If this happens relationships can be salvaged provided both parties are committed to putting the work in.   NLP techniques can help delve to the bottom of issues and to get rid of the built up negative emotions.  Once this takes place the initial steps are taken to returning the relationship to retaining harmony and joy and excitement.

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