I feel so blessed to have met Mark. I knew I had to breakthrough so that I can fulfil my purpose to serve others and the create the legacy I dream of as well as to stop my past from impacting on my family and my relationship with myself and others. I have completed an incredible transformation programme with Mark – removing 40+ years of limiting beliefs that I did not realise I was holding onto from my childhood. Mark’s compassion and care are wonderful. He got me and my issues straight away. His therapy has enabled me to let go of the fear of the past. I feel such a great sense of calm and self-acceptance, freedom and self-compassion like never before, with an excitement and passion as I move forward. I can now lead the life I have always been destined to live. I relish every moment in the present, I am having such special moments with my family too and my business is thriving too. Thank you, Mark, for so generously sharing your gift with me to transform my life from now on to live a life of freedom and abundance and so serving others and livng my purpose so much more powerfully

—  Lizzy, Coach & Entrepreneur

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