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Timeline Therapy®

Our lives are influenced in all areas through any negative emotions and beliefs and this process helps you learn to clear these feelings at the root cause and deal with them better in the future.


Timeline Therapy® is a powerful technique used to promote the omission of painful emotions, such as anger, hurt, regret, fear and guilt, that may be attached to our memories and past events. 


It provides the mental clarity required for focus and success. The ability to eliminate these negative emotions, whilst learning from our past, affords us the opportunity to move on and not stay in an unhealthy cycle that doesn't work. Moreover, it can be used to regain confidence, self-belief and self-esteem after distressing or traumatic experiences. 

Created in the 1980's by Tad James PhD, this therapeutic technique creates a long-lasting transformation within our internal memory storage, and evolved from Hypnosis and NLP.

We work through the negative emotions together in a totally innovative, yet simple manner. 

The amazing thing about this technique is that it is content free. This means that you are guided gently through the process so that you are not required to ‘face your fear’; no recall of painful memories is necessary. The results are profound and, importantly, maintained by you literally for life.

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