The techniques we use to help you
"a mindset for success is an infinite journey"

We offer you a safe environment to discuss your issues and learn ways to overcome them.


Following an initial 30-minute telephone consultation, we'll recommend a bespoke solution of 1-2-1 sessions, exercises and activities that will work best for your circumstances.  ​

We use A number of different techniques including:​​​

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Shake your mind up into a new way of thinking. We support you to take total control and be in the driving seat, no matter what life throws at you...

Timeline Therapy®

Clear out all the negative emotions that prevent you getting the life and results you deserve - without re-living any of the trauma...


In a relaxed state, transform your world by focusing on what you want with the positive expectation of lasting changes...

Value Levels Assessment 

Ever wondered why you are not feeling fulfilled in life? We help you align your values to your goals to find clarity in your career, relationships and whole life...

NLP Personal Breakthrough Session

A super-charged, bespoke, intensive NLP one-day personal or professional coaching session to discover what is holding you back, eliminate it and start your journey to become you version 2.0!

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Start your journey to "you version 2.0" with a free 30 minute, no obligation consultation. 

We'll talk about the things you want to overcome and look at the best ways to help you, using a combination of NLP, Timeline Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and 1-2-1 coaching  techniques.